Pureit Classic 23L Blue

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  • Keep Your Family Safe from Waterborne Disease
  • No Electricity No Boiling
  • Source of safe Drinking water
  • 6 Months Warranty (No Warranty for GKK)

23L Pureit Classic Blue Features & Specifications:

  • Auto Shut Off: Auto Shut off ensures water purity
  • Complete germ protection: Removes 1 million viruses from a litre of water
  • Multi Stage Purification: Multi stage purification process through Programmed Germkill Technology
  • 23 Litres Purifier Size: Large 23 Litres purifier size
  • Activated Carbon Trap: Removes harmful pesticides & undesirable odour
  • Practical Design: Doesn't need electricity or expensive gas to purify water. Doesn't need continuous water supply
  • Germkill Life Indicator: Gives you an advance warning before Germkill Kit™ needs to be changed
  • HIPS / ABS body: Strong plastic to ensure purifier has a long life
  • Break-Resistance Tap: Tested up to 50,000 times to ensure that it lasts long


Unilever Pureit Classic 23L Installation Guide

How to maintain your Pureit Device

How to tell if a Germ Kill Kit has expired

How to use the Tap of the device

How to clean Activated Carbon Trap

How to change Germ Kill Kit

How to clean the Pureit Device

Why does water overflow from Pureit

More Information
Brand Unilever
Exchange N/A
Shipping Charges N/A
Height 61 cms
Width 29 cms
Depth 26 cms​
Color Blue
Purifying Technology Activated Carbon Trap
Purification capacity The Germkill Kit has been designed to typically give 1500 litres of water at a temperature of 25˚C, in moderate humidity conditions
Purified water flow rate[Average] N/A
Length of Power Adapter N/A
Input Voltage N/A
Water storage capacity 9 Litres
Total purifier volume 23 Litres
Membrane type N/A
Total Hardness N/A
Iron N/A
Total Dissolved Solids N/A
Material Of Construction Food Safe, Non-Toxic, Engineering Plastic
Expiry period Two years from the date of manufacturing
Germ-kill performance standard Meets stringent international criteria of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), USA, for harmful viruses & bacteria removal The best performance of Pureit will be achieved if the input water to Pureit is from a municipal source, else you may have to
Warranty 6 Months Warranty (No Warranty for GKK)
  • Delivery within 7 Working Days. (Conditions Apply) See Order Info.
  • Flat Tk. 59 Delivery Fee
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